Grant: 03-E15E
Project Title: Collier County Sea Turtle Protection - Public Education Program
Project Manager: Maura Kraus
Organization: Collier County Environmental Services Department (Non-Profit Organization)
Grant Amount: $6,000.00
Completion Date: 2004-07-26

Summary: The Collier County Sea Turtle Protection Program aims to enhance public knowledge about the program and hopes to create a more informed public by creating and distributing educational items.

Results: All tasks have been completed. The flashlights went out with our annual beach lighting mail out and have been distributed during evening lighting compliance inspections. Although the bumper sticker and jar openers (pictured at right) took a little longer to produce than had been expected, the final product has been worth the wait. The bumper stickers (pictured at right) have been well received and we have already noticed several on local car bumpers. Along with the previous difficulties with the jar openers outlined in the six-month report, the openers had to be sent back to the manufacturers. They had not been fitted with magnets so they had to attach the magnets and re-package them. We have only received positive comments on the grippers that have been distributed to date and look forward to adding them to our annual beach lighting mail out next year (2005). (Author: M. Kraus)